Kannon Teapot and cups
Kannon Teapot and cups
Kannon Teapot and cups
Kannon Teapot and cups

Kannon Teapot and cups


Kannon Teapot with 5 cups in a set


with handle made of bamboo 

removable strainer made of stainless steel

teapot 400 ml

Cups diameter 6.5 cm,  height 5.3 cm


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Teapot with 5 cups in a set, with handle made of bamboo and removable strainer made of stainless steel. This pure white jug with five also white cups has a capacity of 400 ml and impresses with its simplicity without a pattern. The cups have a diameter of 6.5 cm and a height of approximately 5 cm.

Japanese teapots not only impress with their appearance, but also with their properties. Regardless of which material is used (usually ceramic or cast iron), they are available in many forms, from very simple models to fancy crafted examples.

Japanese ceramic teapots have a very long tradition of craftsmanship and are primarily characterized by their shape. Above all, the sieves used (whether integrated or removable) allow the green tea leaves to unfold optimally while they are infusing.

Please note that most of our teapots from Japan are mainly suitable for green tea and less for other types of tea. In addition, all the water should be poured out when pouring, so that a second infusion succeeds and the green tea does not steep too long and becomes bitter. A tip when pouring into several cups: first pour a little tea quickly into each cup, then repeat in reverse order, several times if necessary. This guarantees that the tea tastes the same in all cups if there are several guests.

By the way: in Japan it is not necessarily the case that the teapot and mug go together and thus make a set. To this day, coordinated sets are only produced in small quantities, which makes them something very special

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