Meditation mat | Zabuton

A zabuton (座 布 団) is used in Japan to sit on when sitting on the floor. A zabuton is also used as a meditation mat, in combination with a zafu (meditation cushion). The zabuton / meditation mat serves to support the knees, lower legs and ankles. The term zabuton comes from the word za (座, seat) and futon (布 団, round cushion).

Why buy a meditation mat?

A good meditation cushion is just as important for someone who meditates as a good pair of shoes for a runner.

A meditation mat or zabuton provides extra support to your knees, lower legs and ankles. In addition, a meditation mat in a room adds to the atmosphere and invites even more to meditate (useful if you don't really feel like it).

Are you participating in a retreat (sesshin in Japanese)? Then a meditation mat is a necessary part of your meditation equipment.

Types of meditation mats winkel has various meditation mats or zabuton in its range, varying in quality and price.

The meditation mat NL and the meditation mat 5-ply are made of an excellent quality roughened cotton. This gives a very strong fabric that still feels soft. The mat is filled with eight or five layers of wool. The mat is padded in 5 places so that the filling remains perfectly in place. The mat is handmade in the Netherlands. In addition, the meditation mat NL has beautifully rounded corners. The meditation mat NL 5-ply has right angles.

Do you want a matching zafu (meditation cushion)? The meditation cushion NL is made of the same fabric. PAY ATTENTION! The meditation cushion NL basic has a different fabric.

In addition to the Dutch mats, we also have a meditation mat in the range that is specially made for in India. This meditation mat has a black cotton outer cover with zipper and a canvas inner cover filled with kapok.

The foam meditation mat is the perfect budget option, lightweight and therefore also very suitable for traveling. The foam mat is square and therefore deviates from the standard dimensions of a zabuton (90x70 cm).

Meditation posture

Many people meditate sitting on a meditation cushion. In a Burmese (cross-legged) position or in a half or full lotus position (resting 1 or 2 feet on lower legs). Do you prefer to sit on your knees? Then a higher pillow (or two pieces on top of each other) is a good choice. A meditation bench also offers good support to your body when you meditate in seiza position (on your knees).

You can use both a meditation cushion and a meditation bench in combination with a meditation mat.

Why are most mats black?

Within Zen Buddhism, the color black is the most common color for a meditation cushion and meditation mat. The idea behind it: the color black is neutral, does not distract (especially in spaces where more people meditate), making it easier to focus on your own meditation practice.

The foam meditation mat is available in different colors.

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