Zafu, zabuton, meditation cushion or meditation mat?

A meditation cushion (or yoga cushion) is called a zafu in Japan. Most meditation cushions are approximately 30-35 cm in diameter and are available in different heights (8-20 cm). Pillows are filled with buckwheat hull. Our pillows can be refilled. You can easily adjust the firmness and height of the meditation cushion to your personal preference by removing or adding buckwheat.

A zabuton (座 布 団) is used in Japan to sit on when sitting on the floor. A zabuton is also used as a meditation mat, in combination with a zafu (meditation cushion). The zabuton supports the knees, lower legs and ankles. The term zabuton comes from the word za (座, seat) and futon (布 団, round cushion).

Choose a good meditation cushion

A good meditation cushion is just as important for someone who meditates as a good pair of shoes for a runner.

A meditation cushion helps you adopt the correct posture that both supports your body (pelvis, spine) and facilitates comfortable sitting, so that you meditate comfortably. You sit upright and that helps you stay attentive. In addition to supporting your body, a good meditation cushion also supports the mind.

Types of meditation cushions

When buying a meditation cushion, it is important to determine what is important to you in a meditation cushion. Consider the height and shape of the cushion, the quality of the fabric and the filling of the cushion.

A wide cushion offers a lot of support for people with a larger than average seat. For example, a half-moon cushion is very suitable because of its width. It is also nice if you can refill a pillow. All meditation cushions we sell are refillable and have a removable / washable outer cover.

What is in a meditation cushion?

Meditation cushions are filled with buckwheat hull. Buckwheat hull consists of small, hard seeds with a somewhat convex shape. The firmness and shape make it an ideal filling for meditation cushions: firm, resilient and airy. Over time, the chaff loses some of its firmness, making the pillow softer and the seat less firm. You can then top up your meditation cushion with buckwheat hull.

What is the best height for a meditation cushion?

A frequently asked question. However, there is no single or right answer to this. The correct height and width of a meditation cushion depends on the physique and flexibility of the meditation practitioner. People who meditate a lot and have flexible muscles like to sit as low as possible. If you are someone who meditates little and / or your body is less flexible, it can be better to sit higher. You can buy a high pillow or a pillow with normal height (about 12-15 cm high). Do you sit cross-legged easily? Then you get some buckwheat from the pillow, making your pillow a bit lower.

What is the best meditation pose?

Most people meditate sitting on a meditation cushion (zafu). In Burmese posture (cross-legged) or in half or full lotus (with foot / feet on lower legs). Do you prefer to sit on your knees? Then a higher pillow (or two pieces on top of each other) is a good choice. You can also tilt a meditation cushion on the side: then clamp the cushion between your lower legs. In this way, the seat height is slightly increased and you do not suffer from knees or ankles.

Meditation cushion or meditation bench?

A meditation bench is a good alternative if you like to meditate sitting on your knees. You always sit on a bench with your knees forward and your feet back. The height of the bench ensures that your legs do not pinch or sleep. The bench has a slightly sloping seat, so that your pelvis is tilted slightly. This allows you to sit with your back straight for a longer period of time.

Unlike a meditation cushion, a meditation bench is not adjustable in height. Are you a bit smaller (<1.65 meters) or larger (> 1.80 meters)? Then a round meditation cushion (on its side) or two pieces on top of each other is a better choice.

Why can I only choose from black, black or black?

Within Zen Buddhism, the color black is the most common color for a meditation cushion and meditation mat. The idea behind it: the color black is neutral, does not distract (especially in spaces where more people meditate), making it easier to focus on your own meditation practice. shop also sells pillows in other colors.

Do I need a meditation mat?

A meditation mat or zabuton provides extra support to your knees, lower legs and ankles. In addition, a meditation mat in a room adds to the atmosphere and invites even more to meditate (useful if you don't really feel like it).

Children's cushions and other special meditation cushions

Crescent cushions, inflatable meditation cushions, children's cushions: in addition to the average meditation cushions, there are many different cushions for sale. Are you looking for a zafu for traveling? Choose an inflatable meditation cushion. Most meditation cushions are too high or wide for children. We sell children's pillows or children's zafu especially for them (6-14 years).

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