Do you know someone who could use a bit of luck? Give them a Daruma (だ る ま) doll as a gift! The Daruma doll is a traditional Japanese doll made of papier-mâché. The doll is modeled after the appearance of Bodhidharma (Japanese: Daruma), the founder of Zen Buddhism. He lost both legs and is therefore often shown as a kind of tumbler. This symbolizes the resilience to recover after setbacks. Daruma stands for dedication, perseverance, self-discipline and a positive outlook on life, regardless of the circumstances.

The Daruma doll brings happiness to those who ask for it. When purchasing a Daruma doll, both eyes are white. After making a wish, color one eye. Daruma helps make your wish come true. When that is successful, color in the second eye.

Daruma dolls are usually red, because Bodhidharma wore a red robe. In addition, the color red in many Asian cultures stands for energy and good health. The eyebrows look like cranes, the whiskers refer to turtles. Both animals symbolize longevity (cranes represent 1000 years and turtles even 10,000 years).

At the end of the year, the Japanese return the Daruma dolls to the temple for a traditional burning ceremony. This ceremony is called Daruma Kuyo (だ る ま 供養).

The city of Takasaki is considered to be the birthplace of the Daruma doll. Takasaki produces 80% of the Japanese Daruma dolls. An annual Daruma pop festival is also held in Takasaki in and around the cradle of the Daruma doll: the Shorinzan Darumaji Temple.

Daruma dolls are also often used in Japan to perpetuate cooperation between two companies or a project with multiple participants. Daruma dolls are available in different sizes, from small to very large. The larger a project, the greater the Daruma and the greater the chance of success.

Kleuren en betekenis

Red                 happiness

Blue                education and work status

Green              health and longevity

Yellow             safety and protection

Gold                wealth and prosperity

Purple             self improvement and personality

Pink                love and romance

White              pureness, harmony and peace

Black               prevention from accidents

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