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Theekom Kiseto
  • Theekom Kiseto

Theekom Kiseto


Matcha theekom Kiseto

  • gemaakt in Japan
  • keramiek
  • diameter 12 cm
  • hoogte 8 cm

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Matcha theekom Kiko

  • gemaakt in Japan
  • keramiek
  • diameter 11,5 cm
  • hoogte 7,5 cm

Japanese matcha bowls: As one of the central elements of every Japanese tea ceremony, clay tea bowls have always had a special place in the Japanese culture of Chado (also Sado: way of tea). In addition to tea caddies, matcha bowls were also given away to particularly valued subjects at the time of the shoguns, which shows us the value of this utensil. Unique items from Japanese master potters fetch prices over a thousand euros today. In Japanese, matcha bowls are called chawan or matchawan. Chawan simply means tea bowl.

In addition to individual pieces, we also offer matcha bowl sets, which usually contain a matcha broom and a matcha spoon in addition to the actual tea bowl.

Matcha bowls from Japan are generally not suitable for the dishwasher, but should be washed out with warm water without detergent and wiped dry as soon as you have consumed the green tea.

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