A Pilgrimage in Japan - The 33 Temples of Kannon

A Pilgrimage in Japan - The 33 Temples of Kannon

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A Buddhist journey to the thirty-three temples of Kannon, an ancient pilgrimage route in Western Japan traveled for over a thousand years.

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Two sisters discover the power of love and the true meaning of compassion in this princess-adventure story based on an ancient Chinese tale.

Miao-Shan isn't your typical princess. She likes to spend her time quietly meditating with the creatures of the forest or having adventures with dragons and tigers. Miao-Shan's heart is so full of love that her dream is to spread happiness throughout the land and help people endlessly. But her father has other plans for her--he intends to have her married and remain in the palace. With the help of her little sister Ling, Miao-Shan escapes and begins her journey to discover the true meaning of compassion.

During their adventure, Ling and Miao-Shan are eventually separated. Ling must overcome doubts, fears, and loneliness in order to realize what her sister had told her all along--that love is the greatest power in the world. After the sisters' reunion, Miao-Shan realizes her true calling as Kuan Yin, the goddess of compassion. A princess-adventure story like none other, this ancient Chinese tale of the world's most beloved Buddhist hero is a story of sisterhood, strength, and following your own path.


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